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We are able to provide all our services bilingually. 


We are here to provide solutions that are tailored to address your needs and requirements. Our investigators work as a team with state of the art equipment ranging from high definition cameras, audio recorders and/ or GPS tracking devices. Our surveillance reports capture all investigative activity along with video/still photographs that include time - date stamps. An email summary is provided within 24 hours of the surveillance project.

Full comprehensive reports are provided to you within three business days upon completion of the investigation.

Civil Process Service

 Briggs Investigations Group can serve all of your Process Serving needs expertly. We will record all of our transactions and we always act ethically and within the law. 

Background Checks & Investigations

Empower your decision making process by enlisting B.I.G. to conduct a thorough and comprehensive background check including a review of any criminal history. Know the facts about a potential spouse, care-giver, potential business partners and investors. Fully knowing the background and integrity of the parties involved in a transaction or partnership is an imperative and can result in a success deal or fruitful partnership.

Corporate Theft Investigation 

Undercover employees discover internal fraud.

Personal Injury/Workers' Comp Surveillance

Determine claimant's true physical abilities, regular level of activity, or if claimant is working another job.

Due Diligence

Provide thorough research for building a court case.

Premarital Investigations

History and verification of the person you're considering for marriage.

Child Custody Investigations

Provides proof of child's living conditions. Is the subject being a good parent and taking care of the child?


Do you have suspicion of your spouse cheating? Surveillance will be conducted to see if you have a case for infidelity.

GPS Tracking

Establish location and determine questionable routine activities.


Locates & Skip Traces, Asset Searches, Criminal and Civil Records.

Driving Records

Obtain Certified Copies from Applicable Courts

Specialized Services

Attorneys - Insurance Company - Corporation

Counter Surveillance

Do you feel someone is watching or following you? Do you feel someone in your family or an individual at your company is being followed? We perform counter-surveillance. We follow the followers and reveal their identity. Moreover, if you feel you are a victim of eavesdropping, our experts use the latest technology to "sweep" your home, vehicles or your business.



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