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Attorney Services

Litigation Support

We are able to provide all our services bilingually. 


We provide best-in-class surveillance; remaining discrete and vigilant to acquire all the information necessary for your case

Witness Location, Interview & Assessment

We have the experience and the contacts to locate witnesses to support your case. Frequently litigation is won and lost on the knowledge and credibility of the witnesses involved. The Investigators at Briggs Investigations Group are highly skilled in locating those involved, collecting witness interviews, assessing the facts.

Litigation Support

The Investigators at Briggs Investigations Group have years of experience from running investigations, to the presentation of the matter in a trial before a jury. We are exceptionally qualified to help you prepare for litigation.  Briggs Investigations Group will be a member of your legal team offering expert services, insight,  and always giving you a fair and honest assessment of the case.

Alive and Well Checks  

Do you want to check on a person's health or well-being? At Briggs Investigations Group, we will do surveillance to verify a person's standing before they receive an inheritance or trust fund or check to see on the health or well-being of a disconnected friend or family member.

Process Service

 Briggs Investigations Group can serve all of your Process Serving needs expertly.

Case Collaboration

We will give you our honest assessment of witnesses, evidence, your opposition. Use our expertise to help you get optimum results.

Review of Evidence

The review of evidence is crucial in achieving success in Litigation. You can trust Briggs Investigations Group to deliver a thorough and efficient analysis of all evidence items, leading to the best possible results.



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