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Corporate Entity Services

We are able to provide all our services bilingually. 

Corporate Theft and Embezzlement Investigation

Our employees will go undercover to surveil and identify any potential causes of theft and/or embezzlement

Background Checks & Investigations

Empower your decision making process by enlisting B.I.G. to conduct a thorough and comprehensive background check including a review of any criminal history. Know the facts about a potential spouse, care-giver, potential business partners and investors. Fully knowing the background and integrity of the parties involved in a transaction or partnership is an imperative and can result in a success deal or fruitful partnership.

Personal Injury/Workers' Comp Surveillance

Determine claimant's true physical abilities, regular level of activity, or if claimant is working another job.

Investigation of Fraudulent Business Practices

We will work to provide evidence of the illegal practices of unethical businesses

Loss Prevention

We will work with you to establish protocols and/or deploy new equipment for your business to help mitigate any losses via locating where the losses are coming from



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