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PV-EP10W Headphone Hidden Camera

The LawMate EP10W Headphones have a simple one-button record function making its operation very straight forward and simple.

The camera lens is extremely discreet and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor video capture. As with all LawMate video solutions, both the video and audio are law enforcement grade with time/day/date watermarking on the video. The built-in rechargeable battery will power your headphones for up to 3 hours of continuous recording and is even supplied with a free 16gb Micro SD card.

The PV-EP10W will support up to a 32GB SD card

As you would expect, being headphones, they will play your music too! Simply insert a memory card in to the second earpiece with your favourite MP3 tunes allowing you to film and listen to music.

As the camera is forward facing, the PV-EP10W recording system will be able to record whatever you are looking at, essentially first-person point-of-view. Combined with the ability to live view and control the camera direct from a smart-phone, this innovative camera system can be used for many different applications.


Covert active headphones

Wi-Fi enabled

1080p HD /720p HD & WVGA resolutions available (via Wi-Fi app, Android & iOS)

LED Status Signal

3 hours record time

MP3 File music format.

This unit will come with 2 USB cables. One is for charging the unit. The other is for transfer of data!

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